Walter the Traveling Bear & Auction 2013
Walter, GBW’s last Traveling Teddy, was lovingly created by Beverly White of Happy Tymes Collectibles.

Walter was introduced to the world in Orlando, Florida at Madavor Media’s IDEX Premier event in January 2012.

Walter’s travels took him throughout the USA then to Japan and back to the USA.

In April 2013, Walter was reunited with his 'Mom' Bev who took him to Orlando, Florida to another Madavor Media IDEX event where he was sold at auction on April 14, 2013.

The winning bidder was Felicia Hymer, The Bear Scout.

Many thanks to Beverly White, Madavor Media, Walter’s hosts and our generous auction bidders who all helped to make this a special fund-raising event for Good Bears of the World!

Introducing Walter - His travels begin!

Bev designed, made and donated Walter as
the Traveling Bear for GBW.

Bev presenting Walter to Terrie
at IDEX in Orlando, FL

Walter in Washington, DC
Walter with Teddy Roosevelt

Walter is perched on a marvelous sculpture of Albert Einstein at the National Academy of Science Headquarters on Consistution Avenue in Washington, D.C.

Outside the new insitute of Peace Building on Consistution Avenue in Washington, D.C.

Walter was thrilled to be in Washington, DC during the peak time when Cherry trees were in bloom. The flowers were awesome!

"I can see better from up here!"

Washington and Jefferson Monuments behind Walter as he stands by the big reflecting pond in Washington DC.

Walter, Charlotte Otte and Maggie Messer by the Washington Monument

Walter attended Cupcake Boot Camp at Georgetown Cupcakes in Washington, DC. In this picture, Walter is holding a cupcake (carrot, of course - he's a very health-conscious bear). The shop owner has a collection of colored mixers including the one that is covered in Swarovski crystals.

A troop of Girl Scouts held Walter by the Washington Monument.

Walter visits the Girl Scout Headquarters and head right to the gift shop!

Walter in Indiana

Walter visited a memorial site in Fort Wayne dedicated to Miami Indian Chief, Little Turtle-1752-1812. Cheif Little Turtle's endeavors toward peace, led him to the nation's Capital to meet with Presidents George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

Walter visited the grave of famous nurseyman, Johnny Appleseed located in Johnny Appleseed Park, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Alex Wilson and Anna Bressler, Disorderly Bear Den members, posed with Walter in front of the Spanish American War Memorial on the grounds of the Decatur, Indiana Court House.

Walter sits on the walkway leading to the Old Fort. A fur trading post was established on this site in the mid 1600s. It was occupied by France, then England, and finally America. The first American fort was built in 1974 by General "Mad" Anthony Wayne. The current reconstucted fort is a copy of the last fort that was abandoned in 1819.

Walter at the entrance to the award winning Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. Chairbear, David Wilson and Alex Wilson with their Booster Bears.

NWTA(Northwest Territorial Alliance) members don costumes and re-in-act battles, bivouacs, and other events in the Old Fort in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Sergeant and Lietenant (holding Walter) in this picture are from the Illinois Regiment of Virginia State Forces.

The home where actress Carol Lombard was born is located on a picturesque street near the heart of Fort Wayne. Walter sat on the steps for this photo while we read the plaque on the front of the house.

Walter was excited to visit the Vera Bradley International Headquarters (and factory) in Roanoke, Indiana.

Disorderly Bear members, Chloe and Abbie Rapson holding Walter at the entrance to the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana. Walter was thrilled to be at this famous museum.

Walter and den members, Dianne, Chloe, and Abbie Rapson, pose in front of the world-famous DeBrand Chololatier Factory in Fort Waybe, Indiana.

WOW, look at Walter beside the famous General Lee, the original car from the TV Series Dukes of Hazard!

Here is Walter, sitting on the dender of the BATMOBILE that was used by Micheal Keaton in his Batman films. It is located in the Krause Automobile Horse Power & Carriage Museum in Auburn, Indiana.

Walter feeling empowered riding the Batmobile at the Auburn Museum

David Back holds Walter at the "40" train depot.
Walter in Japan

Walter with Mr. Okada, CEO of Hisa Saugyo Furniture Company.

Japanese bear welcomes Walter!

Walter is posed on a logo sculpture in the entrance of the Hida Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village. Eco's logo teddy bear, Moonbeam (on the left) was designed in 1999.

The Rickshaw Inn - where Walter stayed in beautiful Hida Takayama.

Hida-Kokubunji Temple is the oldest structure in Takayama. It has a 3-level pogada and stands beside a 1200 year old Ginkgo tree.

Takayama Station - where Walter said goodbye to his friend, Eiko Setoyama, and left Japan for the USA.

Walter meeting some of the lovely local "Eco Village" inhabitants.

Walter was happy to visist Mayor Michihiro Kunishima and his wife Kimi.

Mayor Kunishima giving the "thumbs up" signal!

Walter enjoyed shopping at the Folk Village! Takayama is farming community, and this display is a typical ethnic style farm costume.

Trick or Treat at the Takayama Teddy Village. Walter & Eiko say, "Let's party!"

Walter waving at everyone from the desk of Mayor Michihiro Kunishima.

Walter outisde the Hida Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village.


The famous Nakabashi Bridge is located in the center of Hida Takayama.

A towering fellow, Eiko and Walter pose for a quick photo Op.

Walter in Philadelphia

Walter in New York City

The Liberty Bell in Freedom Square.

Walter visits Times Square


Walter in Phoenix

Barbara Smith holding Walter

Guests signed the book which accompanies Walter on his journey. Collectors at the Phoenix Teddy Bear show purchased
raffle tickets too.

Walter in Las Vegas

Girl Scout Troop with Walter.

Walter in Florida

Walter sat patiently on display at the IDEX premier event and was surrounded with some of the bearafinalia that he collected in his travels.


Pictured far right is the winning bidder of Walter - Felicia Hymer, The Bear Scout. On the left is GBW's CEO, Terrie Stong and in the middle is teddy bear artist, Beverly White, who designed and handmade Walter.

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