Booster Club
Boosters put the FUN in FUNdraising! 

What is a Booster Club Membership?


A Lifetime Booster Club Membership can be purchased for any of your loved ones who are not human; your teddy bears, bunnies, dolls, cats, dogs, etc.


Boosters are encouraged to raise money for GBW’s Bear Bank and/or to collect and distribute teddy bears where needed.


History: The Booster Club was started in the 1990's to honor Barb Troxel, a wonderful teddy bear artist and big supporter of GBW who passed away unexpectedly.

She made an edition of 2 Glory bears for Clarion Teddy Bear Event.

One bear was purchased by a radio journalist from Japan and the other by our very own Mike Cousino. The spark ignited the idea that people wanted their bears and pets to be part of GBW; The Booster Club was initiated!

GBW Booster Club Coordinator

Bearo Mike Cousino holding the first Booster: Glory Bear by
Barb Troxel.






the fun!


Boosters please eMail Pat your booster bear news and activities for publication in this section and in Bear Tracks.


Or mail to:
Pat and Bailey Bear Snyder

PO Box 125

Darlington, WI 53530 USA




Pat and Bailey Bear Snyder are GBW's Booster Club Coordinators.

Pat Snyder is holding Bailey wearing his black hat along with Emma, Madeline and Marvin.


USD $5.00 Lifetime Membership for your fuzzy booster!

Memberships are available for multiples.

Please enter each of their names in the comment box.

You do not need a PayPal account. You can use your credit card through PayPal.

Booster Club Members

Boosters Peter Bear and Ima Rabbit (Lucidi) asked us to include their message on our website about the importance of conserving endangered and threatened species! They sent this picture of (front row) Peter and Ima and (back row) Clio the Clouded Leopard, Jade the Panda and her baby Ming and Coca Cola Polar Bear.

Booster Rudder B. Wu and his human, Jean, have a yearly tradition to take Fortune Cookies to their local Fire Station on major holidays. They do this to thank the Firepersons and Emergency Techs for working and being away from their loved ones! Rudder is posing in this picture with some of the "goodies" they took recently.

Boosters Peter Bear and Ima Rabbit of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Star Wars movie with their new friend Chewbacca! These bears all belong to Mary and Don Lucidi.

February 2015 - Terrie with her son, David who is holding the Ohio State mascot, Brutus and Terrie holding Buckeye, the newest Booster who is excited about working with other GBW Boosters to promote GBW!

February, 2015 - Boosters Theodore Humanski (r) is shown with Theodora Jean Suellan Rhinebear. They met at a teddy bear convention over 30 years ago and it was love at first sight. Theodore lives in Toledo, Ohio with his human Sandy Humanski. Theodora lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. There have been several trips so the bears can have some “fur time” together and they are loyal “paw pals”. Theodore decided Theodora should be a Booster Club Member and signed her up. She was thrilled to receive a Christmas card from Bailey Bear Snyder!

Boosters (back row left to right) Marshal Humanski and Jake Taylor, (front row left to right) Wisdom Stong, Emma Bear Snyder, a Snyder cub, Bailey Bear Snyder, another Snyder cub. They were not happy to be put to bed after a wonderful day at the Quinlan Teddy Bear Show in May, 2013. They wanted to stay up all night!

4-20-2015 Boosters Chip, Palin and Goulash Watkins (their human is Michelle Watkins), took an elephant ride at the Omaha Lauritzen Botanical Gardens!


Chip wanted to smell the roses!

Traveling Boosters Spread Joy and Bring Smiles

Summer 2015, Booster Rugsy (his human is Bearo Leah Kieffer) was visiting the Durango and Silverton Railroad Museum in Durango, Colorado. Doesn’t he look great riding in this miniature steam train!

Here are some of the Booster Bears in attendance at the Booster Bash, during the 2015 Teddy Bear Jubilee in Kansas City, MO. Their humans always have so much fun at this convention too.

Carol Moless and her hubby took Booster Briskey in his snow outfit to Mt. Rainer. They rode up almost 7,000 ft. in the new gondola. Carol said, “I enjoy GBW, Bear Tracks and spreading good cheer with bears. Bears are just so much fun."

Booster Krater Bear Huffer at the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. Krater's human is Bearo Phyllis Huffer. Krater Bear thought that was a LOT of ice!

Wisdom Stong and Marshall Humanski had a lot of fun playing at the Ross Park Zoo in Binghampton, New York

Booster Borris Bear travels with his human, Rika Takezawa all over the world. Rika is Co-Chairbear of the Cuddly Bear Den in Japan.



Booster Morgan Moose from Rapid City, SD and his human, Lois Moose, traveled through several States and stayed at Yogi Bear Park in North Dakota where Morgan had his picture taken with Yogi Morgan is on the basket handle. They love to travel and talk to everyone they meet about the Booster Club and GBW!

Boosters Jake (L) and Wisdom and Kreme Puffi traveled with their humans (Bearos Elizabeth Taylor, Terrie Stong and Donna Gordon-Hearn) and stopped for a photo at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California.

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